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Job title Location
Systems Engineer Aerospace Andover, MA
Sales Manager Aerospace Electronics - Americas Andover, MA
Technical Solution Manager Americas - SPACE Andover, MA
Quality Assurance Engineer (m/f) Brixen/Bressanone
Technical Support Engineer (m/f) Brixen/Bressanone
Functional Safety Manager (m/f) Brixen/Bressanone
Software Developer – Machine Vision and Robotics (m/f) Brixen/Bressanone
Software Developer - Mobile Machinery (m/f) Brixen/Bressanone
Software Developer – Embedded Linux (m/f) Brixen/Bressanone
Technical Sales Engineer (m/f) Brixen/Bressanone
Technical Support Assistant (m/f) Brixen/Bressanone
Technical Sales Manager – Autonomous Operations (m/f) Brixen/Bressanone
Sales Director (m/w) Brixen/Bressanone, Wien
Bachelor or Master Thesis (m/f) Brno
Intern (m/f) Brno
Project Manager Digital Design (m/f) Brno
Projekt Ingenieur Fahrerassistenz (m/w) Ingolstadt
Project Engineer Testing Products (m/w) Ingolstadt
Project Engineers - Silicon Valley Autonomous Driving Pre-Series Milpitas, CA
Software Developer C++ (m/f) München
Robotics Expert C++ for Autonomous Driving (m/f) München
Scrum Master Automotive (m/w) München
Software Quality & Functional Safety Manager (m/f) München
Field Application Engineer Automotive (m/f) Nagoya
Growth Manager – TTTech Japan (m/f) Nagoya
Field Application Engineer - Autonomous Driving (m/f) Shanghai
Sales Manager - Industrial Ethernet Solutions (m/f) Tampere, Wien
Unsolicited Application Wien
Project Engineer Automotive (m/f) Wien
Functional Safety Manager Automotive (m/f) Wien
Junior Project Engineer Automotive (m/f) Wien
Embedded Software Architect Automotive (m/f) Wien
Embedded Software Developer Automotive (m/f) Wien
Sales Manager Industrial IoT (m/w) Wien
IT Systems Engineer - Microsoft (m/w) Wien
Functional Safety Engineer Software (m/f) Wien
Team Leaders Software Autonomous Driving (m/f) Wien
Test Engineer Automotive (m/f) Wien
Continuous Integration Engineer Autonomous Driving (m/f) Wien
Senior Systems Engineer - SPACE (m/f) Wien
Systems- and Safety Engineer - Autonomous Driving (m/f) Wien
Technical Project Manager Autonomous Driving Pre-Series (m/f) Wien
Electronics Developer (m/f) Wien
Team Leader Project Management Office (m/f) Wien
Talent Scout - Technologies (m/f) Wien
Software Test Manager (m/f) Wien
Test Manager Automotive (m/f) Wien
Process Development Engineer Electronics (m/f) Wien
Konstrukteur (m/w) Wien
Technical Writer (m/f) Wien
Junior Electronics Developer (m/f) Wien
Research Engineer - Master Student (m/f) Wien
Senior Software Architect (m/w) Wien
Embedded Software Developer - Off-Highway (m/f) Wien
PCB Design Engineer (m/w) Wien
Recruiting Expert (m/w) Wien
Project Manager Electronics (m/f) Industrial, Automotive, Off-Highway Wien
Test Manager Autonomous Driving - Expatriate in Shanghai (m/f) Wien
Functional Safety Manager Automotive - Expatriate in Shanghai (m/f) Wien
Team Leader Build Configuration Management - Expatriate in Shanghai (m/f) Wien
Financial & Investor Relations Coordinator (m/f) Wien
Global Operations Coordinator (m/f) Wien
Service Desk Engineer (m/w) Wien
Requirements Manager - Hardwareentwicklung (m/w) Wien
Team Leader Build and Configuration Management - Autonomous Driving (m/f) Wien
Team Leader Control Unit & Network Series Development (m/f) Wien
Requirements Manager - Autonomous driving (m/f) Wien
Digital Design Engineer (m/f) Wien
Team Leader Projects (m/f) Wien
Embedded Test Automation Engineer - Industrial (m/f) Wien
Embedded Software Engineer – Expatriate in Shanghai (m/f) Wien
Java Developer (m/f) Wien
Coordinator R&D Förderprojekte (m/w) Wien
Project Manager Aerospace (m/f) Wien
Marketing & Communication Assistant (m/w) Wien
Internship (m/f) Wien
Software Developer IoT (m/w) Wien
Assistant BU Industrial - Fokus Travel Management – Teilzeit (m/w) Wien
Team Leader Legal (m/w) Wien
Purchasing Manager Automotive (m/w) Wien
Embedded Test Engineer - Aerospace (m/f) Wien
Software Architect - Advanced Platforms Automotive (m/f) Wien
Senior Research Engineer - Advanced Platforms Automotive (m/f) Wien
Research Engineer - Embedded Software (m/f) Wien
Electronics Engineer - Return Material (m/w) Wien
Electronics Engineer - Goods Inspection (m/w) Wien
Front Office Allrounder – Schwerpunkt Travel (m/w) Wien
DevOps Engineer - SW Delivery Expert (m/f) Wien
Bereichscontroller - Automotive (m/w) Wien
Mitarbeiter/in im Vertriebsinnendienst – Teilzeit für 25 Std. (m/w) Wien
Project Engineer - Autonomous Driving (m/w) Wolfsburg
Technische Projektleiter (m/w) Wolfsburg
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