Culture & Values

Our Vision: Advancing Safe Technologies, Improving Human Lives

TTTech stands for reliability, robustness and safety: Time-triggered communication platforms and certifiable electronic modules enable our customers to deploy their solutions more efficiently and profitably across various industries such as automotive, aerospace, off-highway, energy production, railway and industrial.

Discover Our Spirit

TTTech's employees are specialists in their work field, committing themselves to the quality and reliability the industry expects. We strive to create a motivating work environment to enable innovation and continue our success story.

The continually changing market and the fast technological progress demand a flexible approach from our organization. Our organizational structure keeps communication dynamic and allows quick responses to customer’s needs.

As a team of international experts, we are highly dedicated to reach our goals and are thus looking for colleagues who share our great commitment. Our values drive us in what we do and create our unique TTTech work spirit.

TTTech Values

Our employees describe the unique TTTech work spirit in the following ways:

“Fascinating tasks in an exciting environment.”
“Combine the best of everyone to get working products soon.”

“Development with cutting-edge technology.”

“Friendly and motivated people, great projects with very ambitious goals.”
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