Our Offer

We believe that a supportive environment, respectful interaction and the opportunity to take over responsibility are key elements that enable the individual to thrive and actively contribute to TTTech’s success story. We are also continuously investing in our employees and their personal and professional development, already starting at the beginning of their career with TTTech.

Onboarding & Orientation

For all our new employees we offer a holistic onboarding and orientation program, which provides guidance and support within the first three months and fosters the individual integration. The program includes the following aspects:
  • Structured onboarding plan
  • Buddy program
  • Welcome Day & initial trainings
  • Regular alignments with superior
  • Review and feedback sessions after two and six months

Training & Development

The competences and skills of our employees are our greatest asset and have fundamentally contributed to the company’s success and growth path. Thus, we place great importance to systematic training and further development of our employees.
Our TTTech Academy offers our employees the opportunity to develop professionally and personally, and generates a pool of qualified experts and leadership successors. We offer a wide range of trainings, that allow further development in various areas of activities:
  • Technical & Soft Skills Trainings
  • Project Management & Leadership Trainings
  • Product Management Trainings
  • Sales Trainings
  • Language Trainings

Career Opportunities

We see the TTTech Academy as the foundation for international career development opportunities, which derive from our continuous growth. Depending on the expertise and individual career aspirations, we offer various career paths, ranging from expert roles to leadership positions.
Furthermore, we support individual development goals by offering job rotation opportunities and by providing support for PhD programs and personal educational courses, trainings or coachings.

Work Flexibility

As everyone of us has different needs, we offer flexible working arrangements that can be adapted and tailored to individual needs and expectations:
  • Flexible working hours
  • Part-time employment
  • Educational leave
  • Mobile working


Central Office Location

The headquarters are located in the heart of Vienna and are easily accessible by public transport and bicycle.

Diverse Workforce

TTTech unites people with different origins, languages and ways of thinking in order to develop the innovations of tomorrow.

Company Events

We are participating in various sports events and are organizing company events throughout the year, where besides the discussion of strategically relevant topics, also socializing and networking with colleagues is emphasized.

Workplace Health Promotion

We offer onsite consultations with physicians, vaccinations, stress testing and various sports activities, which are focusing on health and personal well-being.

Unique Work Spirit

We strive to create a challenging and exciting work environment, where our committed employees have the ability to act out their passion for high-tech innovation and cutting edge technologies as a team.

Innovative Projects

We offer the opportunity to actively and substantially contribute to the development and implementation of leading edge technologies in various industries.

Opportunity to Take Over Responsibility

In our pioneering projects, employees can turn their ideas into reality and have a fundamental impact on the company’s success.

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