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Job title Location
Automotive Quality Assurance Manager (m/f/d) Wien
AUTOSAR Embedded Software Developer (m/f/d) Wien
Backoffice Manager Germany (m/w/d) München
Content Marketing Manager (m/f/d) Wien
Content Marketing Specialist (m/f/d) Wien
Corporate Development Manager (m/f/d) Wien
Defect Manager (m/f/d) Wien
DevOps Engineer (m/f/d) Wien
Electronics Developer (m/f/d) Wien
Embedded C Software Pioneers, part- or full-time (m/f/d) Wien
Embedded Linux Developer (m/f/d) Wien
Embedded Software Architekt Automotive (m/w/d) Ingolstadt
Embedded Software Developer (m/f/d) Wien
Embedded Software Developer - Aerospace (m/f/d) Wien
Embedded Software Engineer Automotive - Autonomous Driving Pre-Series in Silicon Valley (m/f/d) Milpitas, CA
Embedded Test Automation Engineer - Aerospace (m/f/d) Wien
Erfahrener Logistiker mit Potential (m/w/d) Wien
Field Application Engineer – Automotive in Japan (m/f/d) Nagoya
Field Application Engineer – Off-Highway in Japan (m/f/d) Nagoya
Functional Safety Engineer Automotive, part- or full-time (m/f/d) Wien
Functional Safety Engineer Software - Mobile Machinery (m/f/d) Wien
Functional Safety Expert Automotive, part- or full-time (m/f/d) Wien
Functional Safety Process Engineer - Expatriate in Shanghai (m/f/d) Wien
Hardware Functional Safety Engineer – Mobile Machinery (m/f/d) Wien
HR Administrator (m/w/d) Vienna
HR Business Partner (m/w/d) Wien
IFRS Spezialist (m/w/d) Wien
Industrial Test Automation Engineer (m/f/d) Wien
IT System Engineer - Storage & Virtualization (m/f/d) Wien
JIRA System Engineer (m/f/d) Wien
Junior Logistiker - Warenversand (m/w/d) Wien
Junior Project Engineer - Aerospace (m/f/d) Wien
Junior Safety Software Engineer, part- or full-time (m/f/d) Wien
Junior Software Project Manager – Off-Highway (m/f/d) Brixen/Bressanone
Key Account Manager – Off Highway Vehicles (m/f/d) Wien
Linux Specialist (m/f/d) Wien
Manager Business Applications & Tools (m/w/d) Wien
Manager Processes & Operational Excellence (m/f/d) Wien
Network Integration Engineer (m/f/d) Wien
Online Campaigning & Marketing Specialist (m/f/d) Wien
Process Manager - Product Life Cycle (m/w/d) Wien
Product Manager with technical background (m/f/d) Wien
Product Owner - Industrial IoT (m/f/d) Wien
Project Engineer Automotive (m/f/d) Wien
Project Manager Aerospace (m/f/d) Wien
Project Manager Chip Design – Functional Safety (m/f/d) Wien
Project Manager with Event experience (m/f/d) Wien
Project Manager with technical background, part- or full-time (m/f/d) Wien
Projekt Manager - Produktentwicklung (m/w/d) Wien
Projektingenieur Fahrerassistenz (m/w/d) Ingolstadt
Projektingenieur Testprodukte (m/w/d) Ingolstadt
Projektingenieur Autonomous Driving (m/w/d) Wolfsburg
Python Developer (m/f/d) Wien
Quality Manager (m/f/d) Brixen/Bressanone
Quality Manager - Aerospace and Space (m/f/d) Wien
Quality Manager - Electronics (m/f/d) Wien
Real-Time Expert (m/f/d) Wien
Release Train Engineer (m/f/d) Wien
Reliability and Safety Engineer Aerospace (m/f/d) Wien
Requirements Engineer - Elektronikentwicklung (m/w/d) Wien
Research Engineer - Embedded Software (m/f/d) Wien
Sales Manager, Aerospace Electronics – Americas Andover, MA
SAP Inhouse Consultant BW/BI (m/w/d) Wien
SAP Inhouse Consultant FI/CO (m/w/d) Wien
Scrum Master (m/f/d) Wien
Senior Embedded Software Entwickler Automotive (m/w/d) Ingolstadt
Senior Functional Safety Manager (m/f/d) Wien
Senior Legal Counsel (m/w/d) Schwerpunkt Internationales Vertragsrecht | IP | IT Wien
Senior Process Expert (m/f/d) Wien
Senior Product Marketing Manager (m/f/d) Wien
Senior Project Manager Automotive (m/f/d) Wien
Software Architect Autonomous Driving, part- or full-time (m/f/d) Wien
Software Architects – Central Computation Platforms Research (m/f/d) Wien
Software Architects – Central Computation Platforms Research (m/f/d) Ingolstadt
Software Developer (m/f/d) Wien
Softwareentwickler C++ Autonomes Fahren (m/w/d) München
Software Developer – Embedded Linux (m/f/d) Brixen/Bressanone
Software Engineer - Expatriate in Shanghai (m/f/d) Wien
Software Tools Developer Automotive (m/f/d) Wien
Support & Project Engineer - Industrial IoT (m/f/d) Wien
Systems Engineer Aerospace (m/f/d) Wien
Systems- and Safety Engineer - Autonomous Driving (m/f/d) Wien
Talent Scout - Technologies (m/f/d) Wien
Team Leader - Network Integration & Verification (m/f/d) Wien
Team Leader - Sales Backoffice (m/w/d) Wien
Team Leader – IT Security Operations (m/w/d) Wien
Teamleader Software Development Automotive (m/f/d) Wien
Technical Sales Engineer - Aerospace Americas Andover, MA
Technical Sales Manager - Mobile Machinery (m/f/d) Brixen/Bressanone
Technischer Projektleiter (m/w/d) Wolfsburg
Test Engineer Aerospace (m/f/d) Wien
Test Manager - Aerospace (m/f/d) Wien
Unsolicited Application Wien
Visual Communication and Graphic Design Expert (m/f/d) Wien
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